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Rachel Danara

Powers- Taps into a universal field of mystic energy. Increased strength, super speed, heightened agility and reflexes, and limited invulnerability, along with energy blasts. Full powers as yet unknown.

History- Born and raised in Lakehill, New Jersey. Moved to Pagan City in her early twenties, beginning an acting career in the city’s world-renowned theater community. Returning home from rehearsal, Rachel was attacked by vampires, which caused her powers to manifest for the first time, reducing the vampires to ash. Rachel later discovered that she is the latest incarnation of an ancient imperial dynasty and that her soul is intimately connected to the mystic energy field.


Powers- Fire nymph, a being of living fire. Powers nearly infinite in scope. Weakness: ease with which she can be magically bound.

History- Formed at the same time as Earth. Has seen age of the dinosaurs, dawn of humanity, rise and fall of Mystic Empire, the resultant dark age, and all of recorded history. Hinted that she played an important role in the Empire. Has a score to settle with Obsidian. Though Rachel’s "sidekick", is tremendously more powerful than her employer. Rachel has only begun actually making a profit from her adventures since making Bridget her secretary.


Powers- Priestess of the Goddess; granted teleportation skills beyond the abilities of any living magic-user. Resistant to most injury, above-average strength, acrobatic agility. Adept at casting all combat spells required for a Field Agent, moderate gifts of prophecy.

History- Born and raised in Pagan City, second generation Collective Field Priestess. Father was a druid, disappeared shortly before she was born. Raised by the Witches, showed an early gift for magic. Ordained Priestess on 21st birthday, four years earlier than normal. Currently assigned to a three-coven task force devoted to eliminating the Necromancers.

Johnny Dedphish

Powers- Magician. Uses mystic artifacts connected to the mystic energy field. Favored artifacts: Labcoat of Teleportation, T-Shirt of Illusion, Hat of Hypnotism. Had also been using the Staff of Destruction, which was broken and taken away by Rachel Danara (see "Moonlight Mayhem").

History- Latest heir of the Dedphish (formerly Daedfishe) family; has continued family tradition of using magical powers in service of himself. Inherited his Estate and vast collection of artifacts, including Bridget, whom he lost to Rachel Danara during rooftop battle. As a result, is now Rachel’s most bitter enemy.


Powers- Immortal. Completely impervious to injury or disease. Has a connection to the mystic energy, which gives him powers beyond what Rachel is currently capable of. Master strategist and manipulator of people, possessing unequaled leadership skills. Also master of several forms of hand to hand combat.

History- One of the immortals that plagued and eventually destroyed the ancient Mystic Empire. The Immortals have controlled human destiny since that time, with Obsidian being the latest to assume rulership for the term of 2000 years. Is just now finding Rachel to be a threat to his plans.

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