Wednesday, November 30, 2005

OK, so it's been over a week since last post. Time to catch up.

First, an announcement: As of January 1, 2006, I will no longer be doing my "personal" blogging here on Pagan City. I'm moving everything not related to MFH over to my own site at, where I'll be starting up not just one, but THREE blogs - one each to cover:

Art, where I'll post sketches and artworks as fast as I can draw them;

Music, wherein I'll be blogging about my current musical production and past adventures in the world of rock n' roll, and of course posting bits and pieces of music, and

Life, which will include everything that isn't art or music.

This will enable me to keep my personal ramblings separate, letting people who are interested see my creative output without having to slog through my various rants.

Second, another announcement: I will be starting a new weekly webcomic called "Just a Bit Off..." on Thursday, January 5, 2006. It will be largely based on actual events and conversations between myself and various friends, acquaintances and other humans (and non-humans I'm sure). It's gotten pretty good reviews from the few people to whom I've shown it, most of whom are comics people themselves, so I'm saying what the hell and going for it.

That comic will also appear at on its own homepage; I will of course announce all the links etc. as soon as I've got things set up.

And now to the mundane blathering!

Thanksgiving weekend went very well. The Girlfriend and I drove up to the Bay Area to her parents's home, where I met Mr. & Mrs. T and managed to survive unwounded - well, hm, not entirely, as I got a few sore muscles from our trip to the rock climbing gym. I'd never done that before, it was a lot of fun learning the knots and techniques, and also very tiring. I only managed to climb 3 1/2 times, having to abort the 4th climb because my arms gave out. I really am in some crappy physical shape these days, which must be addressed. Anyway, The Parents and The Family are really nice people and I'm happy to have met them and gotten on so well. At least, from my POV we got on well... I still haven't heard all the verdicts yet, as Mr. T. is off to Europe for a couple weeks doing government-y stuff (which is his job).

In any event, there was much eating and sleeping and talking done, and some Katamari Damashi for TGF, who enjoyed it quite a bit more than she'd expected. It is a wonderful game. I have to get We Love Katamari soon. It was a good weekend and everything went smoothly. Also, I drove both ways, which apparently scored me Hero Points! Woo! :D

Other than that, well... life goes on as usual. The Steelers lost, which is a drag, but there's no shame in losing to the best team in the NFL. Barring an injury to Peyton Manning, I don't think there's anyone that can beat them. This may be the year you have to give away the champagne, Don Shula... :)

I'm starting to ramp up in earnest to recording the music that I want to release next year. Last night I was working out bass lines for a couple of tunes. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to play bass, although my fingers are a bit sore today since I don't do it much. I'm going to keep a bit of a lid on my musical plans until after I move the blogs, but I will announce the plans and blog the whole process as it unfolds, including MP3 clips of various chunks of progress and rough mixes. I think that will be fun to share.

I guess that's about it. I have to start my next character here at work, so back to the tablet I go...

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