Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sony has folded! They're recalling the CDs! :D What a happy thing!

The Internet and the Blogosphere done whupped 'em. Or, Sideshow Steve says maybe it was my letter, hehehe. I bet they got thousands of emails saying the same thing, plus all the bad press, and they realized they were in big trouble. Even so, apparently some 500,000-plus networks have at least one computer that has the rootkit on it, so it's inevitable that an important computer has been damaged and perhaps hacked, so the repercussions probably aren't done yet. Sony will be smart to settle quietly behind the scenes, and I'm sure they will.

I've been recording some tracks at home the last couple days, I hooked up the new reference monitor speakers and they sound spectacular. I'm borrowing The Girlfriend's Line6 Variax guitar - yes, she plays and sings, very well too - which is a really cool digital guitar that models the sounds of a few dozen different guitars, including acoustics. It's great for recording because of all the different sounds, and also it's super-quiet, meaning it doesn't buzz or make any extraneous noise like a normal guitar thru an amp does. No hiss, no crackle, just music. Brilliant!

I have to get used to a completely new way of recording, in terms of doing whole songs, because the software is so powerful and allows you to just lay down little chunks of music and then compose them into songs. On tape, you have to play the song the whole way through, usually, depending on how many tracks you have available; on my old 4-tracks and even in a pro studio, the drums and basic rhythm tracks had to be recorded from start to finish. That means the song structure had to be arranged completely before laying any tracks down, and you had to do full takes of the song. With the software, I don't have to do that at all, I can lay down sections, using any instrument, and not worry about how to arrange it. I did a song intro last night, using only guitars and the click track. I have an idea for a verse and a break, but nothing else. I can record the verse and break totally separate from the intro, and string them together later. It's really cool.

OK, well, back to work I guess. Much to do.

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