Monday, December 19, 2005

Ahh, what an excellent weekend. I won't go into much depth, but The Girlfriend and I had an early Xmas, because I'm going back east for all of next week, flying out this Friday night. We went to a lovely charming place, the Casa Laguna Inn & Spa in Laguna Beach, and just had a marvelous time. I highly recommend it if you ever travel to SoCal - it's only an hour from LA.

We rode down there on the motorcycle, and I decided to take the scenic route, which in retrospect wasn't that great. The Pacific Coast Highway has some really beautiful stretches, but not so much between LA and Laguna - it's mostly beach town suburbia with some lovely oil refineries and terminals thrown in for fun, down around Long Beach. The trip took almost 5 hours and both of us had sore butts at the end of it, and my clutch hand was killing me from all the stop-n-go. Fortunately the Inn made up for all that discomfort very rapidly, what with the Jacuzzi tub and champagne and all. :)

We only stayed the one night but it felt like a real vacation, very relaxing. We came back via the freeway on Sunday, and then went to see TGF's friend Jaso performing in "A Christmas Carol" up in canyon country - not too bad for community theatre, but it did seem like they threw a bit of extra Jesus in there... ah well. Tis the Season, and all that.

Oh yeah, Friday night we had our 7 Studios company holiday party, at a place called Busby's in Santa Monica, and it was the usual madhouse of fun crazy boozed-up game people. Once again I backed up my boss singing karaoke (Whitesnake this time), which seems to be a party ritual, heh. They did a random drawing at the end for a whole bunch of cool swag, including an XBox 360 provided by our publisher THQ, and I won a full professional set of poker chips with cards and other stuff, in a nice aluminum flight case - weighs about 30 pounds! My name was called kinda late... all the best prizes were taken before I got up, so I missed out on copies of Guitar Hero and the red Nintendo DS/Mario Kart DS combo set... *sigh*.

So that's about it for the weekend. Of course, I took my new camera, so there are lots of pictures; I now have a photostream on Flickr, where I've put some stuff up and where lots more will go from now on. You can even subscribe to my pictures via RSS or Atom, how neat!

Much to do this week to get ready for my trip back east. I gotta clean my place up some, for one thing. Still got shopping to do... some folks I just don't know what to get them... I may wind up being very late with a few presents, as usual.

OK, back to work, more soon.
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