Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today I'm pretty slow at work, for a change, so it's blog time, yay! We're in a milestone week, which means all the crazy work is being done at the production end of the process; I'm at the front end, preproduction part, so the end of the month is usually slower for me. Things are winding down for this game, though, so I actually already have next month's work laid out for me by my lead, Terry. I think I'll be mostly done with this game by the end of next month, but I'm sure we'll be starting the cycle for the next game that's coming in shortly after the holidays. There's probably some original game development I could work on as well, I'll talk to my boss about that.

So, gosh, it's been 10 days or so... what's been going on? Quite a lot, I doubt I'll remember it all.

Last weekend was pretty full up with stuff, spent most of it with The Girlfriend, who was not feeling well for most of it, so I did my best to pamper her and make it better. We had sort of a rough day on Saturday, as we had to go shopping for many things, including some dress clothes to wear to her company holiday party that night, and the clothes part of the shopping got pretty frustrating - but we got through it without conflict, which is really pleasant. After several false starts we wound up at a thrift shop at the last minute, where thankfully we both found very nice things to wear, and we made it to the party later than planned, but still well before we were seated for dinner. And what a dinner! It was at a very fine restaurant, one of the best in California, and everything was top-notch. We both had the lobster. MMMMMM. Maine Lobster. Not something you can get every day, around here, unless you're crazy wealthy (as opposed to where I used to live up in Maine, where at least one of your buddies is a lobsterman and you can get it every day for $2 a pound, if not free).

Then Sunday evening we went to a dinner party thrown by one of her ex-cow-orkers from a previous job. We didn't know anyone there except the host - actually, I just met him that night, so I really didn't know anyone at all - but the guests were friendly and we had fun. There was a gift exchange (one of the things we shopped for on Saturday), and TGF came away with one of those little pocket devices that spouts off quotes from Family Guy's Stewie, while I got Jenga and Play-Doh! Wooo! Non stop fun!

No, seriously, I really dig that. Play-Doh is awesome, and you can never have too many games around the house.

Oh yeah, a week ago Wednesday I went to the Clippers/Knicks game at Staples Center; our company president bought season tickets and put them up for grabs to the company. I got Knicks tix because my buddy Marty is from NYC and loves the Knicks, so he's the natural guy to take to that game. The seats are incredible, they are literally the second row from the floor right behind the visiting team bench - so the Knicks were about 8 feet away from us. I've never been that close. Man, those NBA guys are some freakishly tall guys. Well, except for Nate Robinson, he's only 5'8" - but he's a damn good player. Unfortunately, the Knicks lost and Marty was disappointed. It was a good game though, the Clippers came back from a deep deficit, so it was close at the end which always makes for an exciting game.

Plus, I enjoyed the people-watching as much as the game. There were quite a few celebrities there. Comedian Richard Lewis was in the floor row in front of us, and Adam Sandler walked by, as did Dustin Hoffman with his son, baseball great Kenny Lofton, and a real famous player from the past, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, who was a huge star on the Knicks back in the 70s. But the real kicker for me was when I looked to my left and saw Isiah Thomas - yeah, that one, from the Pistons - standing about 10 feet away, having a laughing conversation with Chris Rock. That was really, really cool. I wasn't aware that Isiah is the GM of the Knicks, so I wasn't expecting to see him. The only basketball players that I would be more flipped out to see would be Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

OK so, what else... um. Having some consternation with my car insurance broker; it seems they're deliberately failing to remind me that the Camaro insurance is due for renewal, in order to have it lapse, which would result in a large reinstatement fee for them. They did the same thing last year, but I chalked it up to a mistake; since the same thing is happening this year, except I've caught it, it's the old "fool me twice, shame on me" deal. I'm now going to work directly with the actual insurance company, to whom I've reported my suspicions about the broker.

I did some holiday shopping today at lunchtime, and will do some more this evening, along with laundry and various stuff around the house. I also finally stopped stalling and bought a digital camera, which I've been hemming and hawing about for a while, worrying about the price (I got it for quite a bit less than MSRP, on sale) and looking for a really small but powerful camera. I decided to finally just buy the damn thing because I got some regular 35mm film developed yesterday, and it cost twenty-five dollars for one set of prints and a CD - not counting the cost of the film itself when I bought it. That's just crazy! This camera costs less than buying and developing 10 rolls of film, so it's just a no brainer. Bye bye, film; yet another physical medium falls to the power of digital.

And by golly, it shoots movies. Movies. Up to an hour's worth, with a 1GB SD card. Life continues to fill up with Star Trek stuff made real...

I started doing the stuff to set up my other site for all the new things for next year, but I don't know when I'm going to have time to really get it all working. It's probably going to be pretty crude for the first few weeks of next year, but I hope people will bear with it. It will be really cool once I get it all spruced up.

I don't remember if I wrote about this in the last post but I now have a cubicle here at work, moved out of the large room that I shared with 7 other people. Kind of a move up. Tomorrow I'm driving my car in to bring various stuff with which to populate my cube, including one of my guitars, for getting in some practice at break times! Before you laugh, I am not the first or only guy at this company to do that, we have at least 2 others with guitars here. I really love working in the game biz. :)

Then tomorrow night is my company holiday party, which should be a blast. This company does know how to party. TGF is my date of course, and I think we're going to have a great time. This is also a good reason to bring the car, because driving home is going to be very late after a party/sober up cycle, and I'll be tired enough that riding the bike wouldn't be smart.

And then this weekend, we're doing our own Christmas, since I'm flying back east for actual Christmas and New Year... we're doing a little mini-vacation, a little getaway weekend, which should be very pleasant. I'm really looking forward to it.

OK I think there's enough boring you there. More to come...
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My favorite part about having a digicam as opposed to a regular one - when I spent $25 to get a roll of film developed, a good number of them sucked and weren't worth developing. Big waste of money.

Now I have the option of just deleting the crappy shots and trying again without having to develop or even have a record of the awful ones.
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