Tuesday, January 03, 2006

OK, well, Happy New Year!

I wasn't able to do any posting while I was on vacation, mostly because I was too busy doing stuff and seeing people, but also because my phone was on roaming up in Maine - they changed the network area apparently - so I didn't want to spend 50 cents a minute uploading photos etc. I had to make some calls anyway, not really looking forward to seeing next month's cell phone bill.

I have put up a few pix on my Flickr account.

As I said, from here on out I will do my "personal" blogging over on my own site; you can start reading it here, and I'll announce when I've got the site running properly. I still have a lot of web design and programming to do for the remodeling, hopefully I'll be able to do most of it this week.

So, see you over at the new blog!
posted by Jeff Z at 3:49 PM

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